Terms And Conditions

Service Provider’s agreement with HABAH

All Service Provider’s listed on the HABAH website must understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Public Liability Insurance

1.1 As a Hair, Beauty or Holistic Professional, you must have your own Public Liability Insurance to be listed on the HABAH website. If you have not provided HABAH with a copy of your Public Liability Insurance when requested, this may delay your profile from going live. There are many insurance companies and brokers available who can assist you in ensuring you have the correct cover.

1.2 If you have caused damage or injury to a client or their property, you will be held fully liable and accountable. HABAH will not be held liable or accept any responsibility for any potential claims a client may make against you in the event of damage or injury whilst providing your service to the client; these claims must go through your own insurance.

2. Hair, Beauty and Holistic professional’s relationship to HABAH

2.1 HABAH acts as a booking agency for self-employed Hair, Beauty and Holistic Professionals (Service Providers). The contract with you (the Service Provider) is limited to the provision of use of our website. You are responsible for providing the services to your customer, and you have a direct contract between yourself and the customer concerning the provision of services. This contract does not include us.

2.2 As a self-employed Service Provider listed on the HABAH site, it is your own responsibility to report and pay any taxes due.

2.3 HABAH accepts the information you provide in your biography to be true and accurate, for example, any experience and qualifications disclosed, and any pictures of your work. If you have intentionally provided incorrect or false information, your profile will be removed from the HABAH Platform.

3. Payments and Fees

3.1 To have your profile listed on the HABAH website, you agree to pay either £100 sign up fee with 15% commission retained, or no sign up fee with 20% commission retained. Please specify which terms you would prefer. You may also use HABAH for your own customers as a booking and card processing system. If you use your own customers for bookings HABAH will keep 5% for using the booking and card payment system.

3.1.1 June & July Lockdown promotion. All Service Providers who have a live profile before the 31st July 2020 will not pay any sign up fee and will benefit from 5% commission paid to HABAH until 31st July 2021. After this date commission will return to 15%. Service Providers joining HABAH after the 31st July 2020 will not be eligible for the lower commission of 5%, however will be able to join with no sign up fee and 15% commission to HABAH.

3.2 While having an active profile with HABAH, you agree that depending on the commission option agreed, HABAH retains 5%,15% or 20% of the total revenue as commission from all customer bookings made through the HABAH platform.

3.3 Any revenue, minus the commission retained by HABAH will be paid by bank transfer on the last day of the month relating to earnings made the month prior. Example; all revenue collected in September will be paid on the last day of October. The only exception to this will be when your existing customers use HABAH for bookings you have previously agreed, then you will receive payment within 7 days minus the 5% commission.

3.3.1 June & July Lockdown promotion. All Service Providers who are active on the HABAH website will receive their payment for services completed within 5 working days to help recover from the financial difficulties many have faced by not working. This new payment time scale will stay in place till the 31st July 2021, however this may be a permanent change that will benefit all Service Providers.

3.4 Your customer has 7 days from when the service was provided to make a complaint to HABAH if they are not satisfied with the service provided, or, the behaviour of the hair, beauty or holistic service provider. If HABAH investigates this and the customers claims are valid, the customer will receive a partial/full refund. Depending on the severity of the issue, this will result in either a partial or no payment made to yourself. HABAH will take action to remove customers from using the service if it is proven that they have made repeated claims to avoid paying for the services received.

3.5 All tips given in cash for services booked through the HABAH website to you are yours. We cannot process tips on the HABAH site, however, when this feature becomes available, a small commission will be retained to cover the card processing fee.

3.6 HABAH reserves the right to make changes to the payment terms at any point. If changes occur within 7 days of signing up, and before your profile goes live, you can request that your profile is removed, and a refund of any sign-up fees paid.

4. Appointments

4.1 You are responsible for travelling to any appointments and therefore must make reasonable care to set your appointments and travel times to accommodate this. You are responsible for any travel costs occurred for each appointment including, but not limited to, parking charges, petrol and any other costs associated with your means of transport.

4.2 You are responsible for providing your own products and equipment for each appointment you attend.

4.3 Please ensure any other items that may be required such as protective gowns and towels, are provided to avoid damage to the client or their belongings.

4.4 If you are going to be late for an appointment you MUST contact the customer with as much notice as possible. If you are more than 15 mins late the customer may request a refund for part of the balance which would then be taken from your earnings. If the customer agrees to re-schedule to another time this will be made directly with you, OR they have a right to cancel the booking and receive a full refund.

4.5 Repeated late arrivals (more than 15mins) to appointments and last-minute cancellations without prior notice may result in your profile being removed from the HABAH platform.

4.6 If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe while at the client’s address, please contact HABAH immediately and remove yourself from the client’s property. If there is a valid reason for you to refuse to carry out your services, you will not be penalised. If the claims by yourself are unfounded then this will be classed as a last-minute cancellation and no payment will be made to you, instead, a full refund will go back to the customer.

4.7 It is good practice to be as tidy as possible and clean up after yourself to ensure your client has received the best service possible from yourself.

4.8 If the client is more than 15 minutes late for their appointment this will be classed as a last minute client cancellation and you can either reschedule the appointment if possible, or, the appointment would not go ahead and you will be paid for your booking.

4.9 If the client requests to reschedule their appointment within 24 hours, it is best practice to try and accommodate this, however if you cannot the booking would be cancelled, and you would be paid for your booking.

4.10 If the client requests to reschedule or cancel their appointment with more than 24 hours before their appointment, we will always try and accommodate this. If we cannot reschedule then the customer is able to cancel their appointment and receive a refund. In this instance you would not be paid as the customer has provided more than 24 hours notice.

5. Health and Safety

5.1 You are responsible for ensuring you are up to date with any health and safety requirements your industry requires of you.

5.2 You are responsible for your own personal safety, and where possible the health and safety of your client.

5.3 HABAH requests that any health and medical conditions be disclosed by the client at the time of booking, it is your responsibility to check that you can accommodate these. If you feel that there are any contradictions in providing your services due to anything disclosed by the client, please contact HABAH straight away so we can alert your client.

5.4 If you provide any services that requires a patch test to be undertaken, or could cause an allergic reaction, it is your responsibility to liaise with the client prior to attending the booked appointment to organise completion of this. If the client does not wish to complete a patch test you must not go ahead with the booking. If no patch test is made prior to the appointment and the client does have a reaction, you as the Service Provider will be solely responsible and not HABAH. This relates to the first appointment with that client, however changes in products used would mean a new patch test should be completed.

*Service Provider T&C updated 27th June 2020 to add in clause 3.1.1 and 3.3.1 that relate to a promotional offer for new and existing Service Providers joining the website before the 31st July 2020.