Habah FAQs

Treatment times can vary depending on the individual performing the treatment and any additional needs of the client. An indication of how long this may take is listed next to the treatment, however this time may factor in setting up and dismantling time (wax heating up, mixing products, etc).
All payments can be made securely online using a debit or credit card. HABAH operates a cashless payment system for treatments, however if you would like to tip your stylist/therapist you can do this in cash.
As per the user terms and conditions, we will always attempt to reschedule the booking to another time, if our Service Provider can accommodate this. If you need to cancel with more than 24 hours before your treatment, you will receive a full refund minus 5% which is retained as the card processing fee. If you wish to cancel within 24 hours and the Service Provider can not accommodate rescheduling, unfortunately you would not receive a refund. Our Service Providers may find it hard to fill a last minute cancellation, or they may have turned down other clients who may have filled the space had they received more than 24 hours notice. We will always do our best to try and reschedule your appointment with you in the first instance.
We have added options for some of our services to accommodate 2 people to be booked at the same time. If you need to book more than this, simply book for an additional person/additional 2 people for the time available straight after your booking. You are also welcome to book multiple service providers for the same time to accommodate large groups, but you will need to book and pay for them individually.
If you are unhappy with the service you have received, it is always best to try and resolve this at the time with the service provider. If you still do not feel satisfied with the behaviour, attitude or the quality of the service you received, please contact HABAH straight away on 07733777150 or email contact@habah.co.uk.
If you are unable to be at your destination at your chosen time, please contact either the service provider, or HABAH straight away. If contacting HABAH direct, we will alert the service provider who will be able to wait for up to 15 minutes for you to arrive. If the service provider has no other bookings after yours, they may be able to wait a little longer than the 15 minutes. If you will be later than the 15 minutes and the service provider can not stay, or reschedule your appointment, it would be classed as a last minute cancellation and no refund will be due to yourself. Please see the full user terms and conditions for more information.
When booking any service that requires a patch test, you must have this complete prior to receiving your treatment. This must happen any time you use a new service provider as products used can vary from one service provider to the next. If you have had a patch test from one service provider and signed the consent to say you have received a patch test, you do not need to have another patch test by that service provider - unless they change products.
It is your responsibility to make the service provider aware of anything that may cause you to take a reaction or flare up any existing health conditions. If you choose not to disclose any potential contraindications when booking, neither HABAH, or the service provider will be responsible for any issues that could have been prevented had they known. Please read the full user terms and conditions to understand your responsibility.
When you select the service you want, you will come across a list of Service Providers in your area who can provide that treatment. Simply click on the Service Provider to find out more information about them such as experience and qualifications.
If you are receiving any treatment that states you need a patch test, you must organise the patch test with the Service Provider prior to your appointment. You must do this every time you change Service Providers as you will have a new disclosure to sign, and they may use different products. After you have had your patch test and signed the disclosure to confirm you have had the patch test, you do not need to get future patch tests from that Service Provider. If the Service Provider changes their products they must make you aware and organise a patch test prior to your appointment.
All Service Providers listed on the HABAH website have had their paperwork checked to ensure they hold Public Liability Insurance.